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Web Hunt Helps CFE FCU TRIPLE Facebook Fans

by in Code Green News on Dec. 15, 2010
Web Hunt Helps CFE Federal Credit Union TRIPLE Facebook Friends
Gaithersburg, MD – January, 2011 – Thanks to Code Green’s interactive CU Web Hunt system (, CFE Federal Credit Union ($1.1 billion; 116,372 members; Lake Mary, FL) has turned its website into a virtual board game for its members, getting thousands of them to explore deep within its website and its Facebook page.
CFE’s “You Deserve the Best” Web Hunt game allows members and prospects to explore its website to search for interactive game pieces strategically placed on different pages throughout the credit union’s website, including one on its Facebook page. During the eight-week campaign, members/players have a chance to win 10 different prizes totaling $3,000 by finding game pieces that correspond to the prizes. When players collect all 10, they are entered for a chance to win a grand prize of $1,000. The promotion ran through December 31 with prize drawings in early January 2011.
“The game has created a lot of excitement – especially on Facebook, where visitors could send a ‘shout-out’ to their best friends and receive a free t-shirt or lunch cooler,” states Suzanne W. Dusch
Vice President/Marketing for CFE Federal Credit Union. “In fact, CFE’s Facebook friends more than tripled over the course of the campaign, exceeding 3,000 facebook "likes" by the end of the Web Hunt.
Code Green’s CU Web Hunt System works by using CFE’s entire website as the “game board” for a site-wide interactive treasure hunt. A Web Hunt campaign provides incentives for members to explore all around the credit union’s website in search of interactive game piece icons, all the while exploring its rates, services, and strategic pages. CFE, for example, incorporated the Web Hunt system to broaden its members’ knowledge of the many ways CFE helps them with each step along their individual financial paths.
According to Dusch, CFE was voted Best Credit Union in Central Florida by readers of the Orlando Business Journal for the fourth year. “We wanted to say thank you to our members and also spread the word about what makes CFE the premier choice among financial institutions in the market,” she says. “What better way than to provide an entertaining and enlightening game that provides players 10 chances to win a prize plus a grand prize of $1,000?”
CFE chose a 60’s theme with a hippie piggy bank as its game mascot and invited people to “Free Your Bank Account” by joining CFE. With each game piece they find, they receive an emblem that is actually its “Best Credit Union” logo created by CFE from winning the Orlando Business Journal election continually reinforcing the purpose of the game and CFE’s position in the market.
“Finding CodeGreen as a business partner was one of the happiest serendipity moments of my career,” Dusch admits. “We were considering a true scavenger hunt with clues scattered among our branches but were struggling with the logistics of such a broad game. Jason Green [of Code Green] mentioned his scavenger Web Hunt programming experience during a recent conference call. And from that moment, the race was on to get the game developed and up and running.”
Visits to CFE’s website have increased and time-on-page has doubled since the game began. The credit union embedded one of the game pieces on Facebook and has gone from 944 friends to over 3,000 in weeks. Not only that, but comments on CFE’s Facebook page have increased dramatically. One recent posting asked players which prize they hope to win and CFE received nearly 50 comments from friends.
“On the subject of Facebook, it’s interesting to note that we’ve had a couple of players who couldn’t find one or more game pieces,” Dusch explains. “They comment on our page that they’re having trouble, so we’re able to respond with hints and helpful guidance and they appreciate it. We’ve even contacted a couple of players one-on-one to help them on the game and ensure they have a positive game experience.”
Dusch says that CFE met all of their Web Hunt marketing goals:
  • increase awareness of what makes CFE the best in Central Florida
  • cement relationships with existing members
  • increase interest by nonmembers
  • expand the utility of our Facebook presence as a viable two-way communication tool
A separate promotion was held for CFE employees who were given a chance to play the Web Hunt game and collect all 10 game pieces.
“Each time we implement Web Hunt at a credit union it never fails to perform,” says Jason Green, CEO and founder of Code Green, developer of CU Web Hunt. “And halfway through this campaign, CFE Federal Credit Union is already seeing amazing results – especially tripling CFE’s Facebook friends in such a short time. We are very happy that Web Hunt is working so well at CFE.”
About CFE Federal Credit Union
CFE Federal Credit Union was founded in 1937 and currently serves 116,000 members. As of October 31, 2010, CFE had total assets of over $1.180 billion and deposits of over $954 million. Membership eligibility includes anyone who lives, works, attends school, volunteers, or worships in the Orange, Osceola, Lake or Seminole Counties of Florida. Businesses and other legal entities may join as well. The credit union serves its members at 16 full service branches, three high school branches, 40 ATM locations and through 24-hour Internet access.
About Code Green
Code Green TM is a marketing technology company focused on the specific needs of credit unions. In addition to the CU Web Hunt marketing system, Code Green is the creator of the BranchMap ATM and branch locator tool, and also provides a variety of other data-driven marketing services and web technologies for credit unions.   Please visit for more information and interactive demonstrations.

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