Technology Roots

Jason Green started his career as an engineer for the Department of Defense and then later for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, watching from the lab as the internet went from curiosity to a new business phenomenon.  In 1999, he left the safety of a government  R&D career, and started an internet marketing technology company called Adfluence.  By late 2000, he had established a partnership with Pentagon Federal Credit Union, and began a series of marketing projects with interactive banners and emails that contained financial calculators, loan applications, and full-fledged video games, complete with viral social marketing tools and and detailed tracking capabilities. 

These early efforts proved to be very effective, driving large increases in new members and new money for PenFed. As the dot-com boom faded away, the company focused on serving credit unions with a growing array of interactive marketing services.  The philosophy was (and continues to be)  – invest heavily in technology that works, then make it affordable for many credit unions to use it with their own custom look and feel and content. 

Credit Union Focus

Over the intervening years we've worked with hundreds of financial institutions, mostly Credit Unions, offering a variety of marketing technology products and services.  For the first several years, we were focused on delivering interactive banners and email marketing services for credit unions (under the name of Adfluence), but for the past several years we have been focused on standalone data-driven marketing technology products at an affordable price-point that enables even small credit unions to be able to afford advanced marketing technology services.

We often start with one product or service for a particular credit union and then find that the relationship expands over time.  For example, Pentagon Federal Credit Union currently uses BranchMap Web and Mobile Editions, but has previously used us to do email marketing, interactive banner and calculator design, flash tutorials, website redesign consulting, and even a complete redesign of their online member application process.  Belvoir FCU uses BranchMap, BranchMap Mobile, MemberCheck, and CU Web Hunt, and has previously used us for other Web Hunts, emails, banners, social networking platforms, youth marketing sites, and more.

In many cases we establish such a rapport with the marketing/ecommerce team that the VPs and Marketing Managers share their ideas with us and ask us to create new custom products or take existing products in directions that we hadn't imagined. 

It is always music to our ears to hear "You know, it would be so useful if we only had a tool that could do THIS… "  It means its time to create a new product!