Julie Griffin, Vice President, Electronic Services"BranchMap has been very responsive to Navy Federal’s needs. Whenever updates were needed, changes were made in a timely manner."...
"We see BranchMap as another way to help our members simplify their lives, so we felt it was an easy decision to renew our agreement with Code Green."

Julie Griffin, Vice President, Electronic Services
Navy Federal Credit Union

Jacque Connor, Vice President of Marketing"Jason Green 'gets it'. I have worked with Jason on several projects, both with Adfluence and Code Green. Whenever I have come to Jason with a concept, he is able to take the concept and make it a reality - with lots of enhancements. He has really helped Belvoir FCU provide value and make our website easier to use for our members and potential members."

Jacque Connor, Vice President of Marketing
Belvoir Federal Credit Union

Broc Nelson, Marketing Manager"We at CFCU, are thrilled with BranchMap AND Code Green!
You guys have been amazing to work with. On point and helpful.

Thanks again!"

Broc Nelson, Marketing Manager
Chetco Federal Credit Union

Keith Fernandez, AVP Marketing"We were thrilled to put the BranchMap program on our website. As a "shared branch" credit union, the site gives our members all of our branches and those of our shared branch partners, making it a perfect travel companion. It helps us achieve our Above and Beyond service commitment to members."

Keith Fernandez, AVP Marketing
Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union

Karen Fuhre, Marketing Manager"Providing our members with easy-to-use online tools that make accessing their account as convenient as possible is a priority. By adding the BranchMap locator to our website, we’ve made it really fast and simple for our members to find the nearest branch location or surcharge-free ATM.”

Karen Fuhre, Marketing Manager
First Credit Union, Arizona

Jacque Connor, Vice President of Marketing"Our goal was to simplify the member eligibility process because of our new SEGs. MemberCheck has allowed us to meet this goal, by providing an easy eligibility check – especially in an underserved area. In turn, our staff and members are able to use this program to quickly and easily determine eligibility for new members.

After using the MemberCheck program for nearly two years, it has simplified the eligibility process for our credit union. Potential members, and even our own employees, can use this solution to determine if an address falls within our underserved areas and thus qualifies for membership. By creating all these new efficiencies, MemberCheck simply allows us to work smarter, not harder."

Jacque Connor, Vice President of Marketing
Belvoir Federal Credit Union

Cynthia McAree, Vice President of Marketing"We have used Code Green’s online BranchMap™ ATM/Branch locator tool’s location data for member retention since the spring 2008, as high school students/members move on to college or careers in other areas of the country. As a result, these graduating students never have to leave Apple as members because they can locate convenient shared branches and surcharge-free ATMs wherever they are moving – therefore, using BranchMap as an practical member retention tool."

Cynthia McAree, Vice President of Marketing
Apple Federal Credit Union

Christine Musson, Marketing Specialist"With CU Web Hunt, clicking through the website helped the members discover all the services we have and allowed them to see how we can help them. We saw a big increase on the hits to our Youth and Gen Y pages, which shows the member we have educational services for the whole family – as well as our BranchMap page that promotes our nationwide access through Co-Op. As members searched our website, they were finding out how the credit union can help them build their financial strength.
We saw increased numbers for membership and loans including a 68% increase in new members and a 66% increase in new loan dollars, resulting in $2,785,000 more in loans for the campaign months over the previous year".

Christine Musson, Marketing Specialist
Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union

Suzanne Dusch, Vice President of MarketingFinding Code Green as a business partner was one of the happiest serendipity moments of my career.

We were considering a true scavenger hunt with clues scattered among our branches but were struggling with the logistics of such a broad game.

Jason Green mentioned his scavenger Web Hunt programming experience during a recent conference call. And from that moment, the race was on to get the game developed and up and running.”

Suzanne Dusch, Vice President of Marketing
Central Florida Educators FCU

Glen Birch, Public and Media Relations Director“RateCast invites you to use it again and again, which keeps our members returning to our website. The technology’s convenient usability and instant results are valuable to our members, providing more timely information to help them make smarter borrowing decisions.”

Glen Birch, Public and Media Relations Director
Virginia Credit Union

Beth Cronin, Online Services Marketing Specialist“Our goal is to provide our members with all the information they need to help them make smart borrowing decisions. We want to be the primary financial resource for our members to help them make those important financial decisions. We believe RateCast helps us tremendously in achieving this goal.”

Beth Cronin, Online Services Marketing Specialist
Virginia Credit Union

Rose Evers, Marketing & Community Development Specialist"Just had to drop you a line. We just showcased BranchMap with a parent and a college student heading to Nashville. They just loved it!

We even did a printed map from it, which was super - he can use it to get around down there.

Thanks again for creating a great product. Made my job easier!"

Rose Evers, Marketing & Community Development Specialist
Our Credit Union - Royal Oak, MI

Sharmaine Bucknor, Director of Marketing"We were extremely pleased with Loan Saver. Our members found it easy to use and it increased our loan volume by 16% compared to the same period last year. In just 8 weeks it contributed to over $1,000,000 in new approved loans. Just as important, members have reported an estimated average savings of $2,400 over the life of their loans by switching to Congressional Federal.”

Sharmaine Bucknor, Director of Marketing
Congressional Federal Credit Union

Jody Berger, Marketing Manager"We are very pleased with the loan volume produced through Loan Saver. We brought in over $690,000 in new loans in a very short time, even though we are only $70 million in assets. We are also pleasantly surprised by the average loan size - about $12,000, and the fact that a wide variety of loans were made including auto loans, personal loans and credit card balance transfers. Loan Saver fits well with the credit union goal of helping members save money. In fact, members using Loan Saver saved an average of $1,400 by moving loans from other lenders to First Eagle.”

Jody Berger, Marketing Manager
First Eagle Federal Credit Union

Eric Nutter, Director of MarketingThe speed of the new locations map is amazing!!! It is like lightning! Incredible. The product loads fast on our site and finding our locations is a breeze.

Eric Nutter, Director of Marketing
First United