Mobile Apps

BranchMap offers a variety of support options for mobile app locators.

1) Third Party Mobile App Vendors – For other Mobile App providers, we offer the BranchMap Mobile App Data Service.  This is a behind-the-scenes data service that provides your Mobile App provider with all the BranchMap location data in a live data service.  The third party app vendor determines the GPS location from the device, or it takes a search input from the user.  Then the app passes that search information down to the BranchMap Mobile App servers along with a variety of parameters to control the results.  The BranchMap mobile data server then responds right away with a complete list of nearby search results, including your surcharge-free ATM networks, your shared branch locations, and your own branches and ATMs.  The mobile app will then display the results in real-time in the GUI and mapping widget supplied by the mobile app vendor. 

2) Code Green Mobile App Development – Code Green LLC has full mobile app development offerings that can include BranchMap locator features using native device GPS and mapping widgets.  Please see Credit Union Mobile for more details on this option.

Mobile App Screenshots:
(Click each thumbnail for Mobile Apps that include BranchMap Mobile App data services)


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