Tracking & Reporting

Interested in how much usage BranchMap is getting on your site, or where your Members are trying to find you? Using the BranchMap & Reporting interface, you get 24/7 access to live reports of all BranchMap activity.

Tracking reports show the full details of your BranchMap activity including the type of search (mobile edition, web edition, initial load map view, live drag search, etc) as well as full address data for each individual search. Data is anonymous, so no personal member information is ever exposed. Data reports are available both as an on-screen web report and as a downloadable excel file.

Using the BranchMap tracking data, you can analyze all your location search activity and find any "hotspots" of interest as well as patterns of interest and demand for ATMs and branches. What a powerful way to plan for growth and expansion!

Click the thumbnail image to see a larger screenshot of a typical tracking report.


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