Mobile App Team

Code Green, LLC
Code Green has been serving credit unions since 2000, and has developed a variety of interactive data-rich marketing technology products for the specific needs of the movement.  We partnered with WanderWorx on some mobile projects and realized that together we could create some amazing stuff at an affordable cost.  Credit Union Mobile was born.

WanderWorx, LLC
WanderWorx was started in 2008 shortly after the release of the first iPhone Software Development Kit.  Ther goal was to provide quality mobile software at an affordable price.  As part of Credit Union Mobile, WanderWorx develops iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications that deliver the unique functionality needed by credit unions and credit union members.

Credit Union Mobile
Together, we work with credit union marketers to understand your requirements, suggest how to take advantage of the power of these platforms, as well as the unique data-rich features developed specifically for credit unions.  Then we deliver the final product, and stick by you with ongoing maintenance, AppStore distribution and management, and future upgrades. In addition, we develop the back-end services and support for your mobile applications, and maintain a number of assets for usage analytics, content management, and media services to make the offering unique and complete.