Belvoir FCU Results

Raising the Bar… Every Year.

Every spring, Belvoir Federal Credit Union ($274 million in assets; 29,270 members; Woodbridge; VA) runs a CU Web Hunt campaign and they always get amazing results.  Each year they get more and more creative with their mission of blowing away their previous numbers, and every year they just keep raising the bar creatively. 

Most recently, their theme was "Find Your Perfect Fit and Win With Belvoir" – with interlocking puzzle pieces hidden all over the website.  Each puzzle piece revealed a letter, slowly revealing a secret message.  Once members found all the puzzle pieces, they took the winning phrase the Belvoir Facebook fan page and entered the solution into a custom built Facebook App (provided by Code Green as well.) 

This clever game play, enticing design, and deep Facebook integration led to a 348% increase in likes on Facebook.  The Web Hunt also generated over 347,000 page views all over Belvoir's website, which was over 100,000 more pageviews than their record which happened during their previous Web Hunt!  That kind of product exposure greatly increases member awareness of credit union products, services, and superior rates, all while it builds a stronger sense of community and fun.

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Click the thumbnails below to see expanded screenshots of some of the Belvoir FCU Web Hunt components over the years:


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