Web Hunt for E-Services Demos

CU Web Hunt – Compast Quest

This is an example of using the Web Hunt system for multiple goals – not only was this used to increase website traffic and awareness in general, it was also used to be sure that visitors were going through multi-step eservices demonstrations, AND it used custom tracking modules to measure and reward the customer service reps in the branches.

1. Icon Placement – Icons, in this case an animated version of the Bank Logo, were strategically placed on various pages of the website.

2. Optional E-Services Demo Wrap Around – Game icons can be strategically integrated with existing e-services demonstrations.

3. Login Page – When a viewer clicks on one of the icons, a login page appears.

4. Game Console – Once registered, the viewer can begin playing the game. Whenever the viewer finds another icon, another letter is added to the game console.

5. Congratulations Page – Upon succesful completion of the game, the viewer is entered into the sweepstakes and presented with optional couponing.

In this particular case, even more detailed tracking was included in order to track and incentivize Teller and Branch Staff participation and demo's given to customers in the branches.