Community Challenge

Code Green is proud to partner with the MemberTree Consultancy, creators of the Million-Dollar Community Challenge. We have always urged our clients to support Loan Saver with ongoing marketing support, in-branch conversations, and community outreach. MemberTree’s Community Challenge makes it easy to do just that!

The Community Challenge program challenges your community to save money by refinancing their loans with YOU. Loan Saver makes the savings very clear, personal, and compelling, and connects members with your lending team. After the loan-savings goal is reached, your credit union donates a sum to a local charity.

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Community Challenge + Loan Saver — Step By Step

1. Dedicated Community Challenge Site

MemberTree will work with you to build a compelling attractive branded Community Challenge website for your credit union.

2. Loan Saver – Loan Lead Generation

At the heart of your Community Challenge site Loan Saver makes it easy to quickly step through a series of tabbed savings calculators -one for each type of lending product you'd like to promote. These calculators will keep a running total of potential savings across all products, educating and exciting people about your superior financial products.

3. Calculations

Members and potential members will quickly and easily enter all their relationships with other lenders. Loan Saver will run instantaneous savings comparison calculations to show members a running tally of the overall savings you might be able to offer them. All loan types, tabs, colors, wording, rates, examples, disclosures, and more will be customized for your credit union.

4. Call To Action + Lead Capture

Then, only after the user is excited about the potential loan savings they have discovered, Loan Saver asks for some basic contact information so that your lending team can follow up with them.  We intentionally keep this simple and short to keep up the momentum and not scare away an interested lead.

5. Automated Follow-up Email

The user will immediately receive a thank you email message, letting them know that someone will be in touch soon- setting an APPOINTMENT to talk to your team.  This reinforces everything they have learned in Loan Saver and puts it into their inbox. This way the information will be handy and top-of-mind when you call.

6. Loan Lead Alerts

Simultaneously with the automated thank you email to the lead, your lending team will also receive an email from Loan Saver. This is a lead alert email letting them know that someone is interested. This lead alert includes all the entered loan and savings information as well as all the captured contact details for that lead. 

Together, Community Challenge and Loan Saver have just delivered an excited educated consumer as a hot lead and your lending team is armed with the right information at the right time!

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