SEG Search

If you have more than just a few Select Employment Groups, Sponsor Groups, or Eligible Companies — the list can become a confusing mess.  Man of our credit unions have literally hundreds of eligible groups, organizations, companies, and communities that are eligible for membership.

If you want potential Members to actually find the groups that make them eligible, you need to present the information in the most intuitive way, with the right technology tools to help people find their way through that SEG list.  Make no mistake, its a tough problem, but with MemberCheck it should be a lot more manageable for members on your website, MSRs on the phone, and tellers in the branch to quickly figure out if a visitor is eligible for membership.

SEG Marketing and Search Capabilities:

  • Keyword Searchable SEG List with automatic jump to next match
  • Alphabetic "Quick Jump" Links
  • Scrollable  list contained in tabbed display makes things more manageable in your page design
  • Separate FOM and SEGs display in different tabs to help clarify things
  • Include Location Info and search by location keyword
  • Include a hyperlink to the company website in the SEG Name

Eligibility tools for marketing Credit Union membership