Website Development

       from full featured websites with advanced interactive features
            to basic information/brochure sites…
                 to interactive social networking fanpages and apps…
                         to complex data-driven web systems…
                               to mobile websites and apps and more!

A Wide Range of Technical and Design Capabilities

Code Green offers a wide variety of web development capabilities.  We have built basic 5 page brochure sites, as well as dynamic multi-user secure systems.  We've built tiny deliverables like product landing pages and  "microsites", as well as social networking communities and event-focused marketing/sweepstakes sites.

If you are ready to take your online communications to the next level, (or the first level) we can help!
Click the thumbnails below for feature and capability highlights:

Easy Content Editing
Data Driven
Dynamic Content
Interactive Tools

Mobile Web Development

With BranchMap Mobile, we took a complex and ever-changing set of data and delivered it quickly and compatibly over the mobile-web.  Regular mobile phones, PDAs, iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and the like can now access one of the most essential functions for mobile web presence.  We now offer that same mobile web  development and hosting capability for your own websites, web services and data driven mobile web needs.

CMS Based Site Development

Through a number of our website development projects, we have developed an expertise in creating and hosting CMS-based web sites using WordPress or Drupal.  A content management system (CMS) enables very complex website functionality, and secure multiple user and multiple author web systems.  Both WordPress and Drupal are very well supported open source systems which means they are constantly improving and expanding.  As a result, complex web features can be developed quickly and inexpensively.

Here is a short list of highlights:

  • Real-time multi-author content management and editing
  • live data driven content
  • detailed tracking and integration of Google Analytics
  • "regular" static page content
  • blog & news content
  • RSS syndication
  • secure multi-user community features like: shared calendaring, contacts, discussion forums, documents and files, trouble tickets, email newsletters and alerts, mutliple user roles and permission levels, and more…
  • dynamic interactive menu
  • full e-commerce capabilities – products and/or subscriptions using Ubercart
  • integration of credit card purchasing, paypal carts, other cart systems
  • publishing to mobile platforms
  • multiple language site versions
  • nice graphical features, theming, lightboxes, photo galleries, multi-media content, comments, and more!