Feature Highlights

BranchMap is a hosted service which means that although it is a seamless feature of your website, our servers do all the heavy lifting.  There are no IT requirements, no security issues, and no maintenance to perform.  We update the data for you, and when we make upgrades and add new features, you get all the new stuff at no additional charge! Integration into your site is typically a one-line cut and paste into your HTML source.  In other words, you get the latest technology, your members get fast and intuitive information at their fingertips, and you don't have to do any extra work!  See our BranchMap Demos page to try these features for yourself.

New Mapping Engine
BranchMap is proud to use the Bing Maps interactive mapping API by Microsoft. This change has enabled many of the other upgrades and performance improvements listed here.
Faster Performance
BranchMap load times and search times have been improved by a huge factor, even when loaded behind an SSL Certificate on a secured page it is extremely quick and responsive.
Collapsible Results Sliders
Click a listing or an icon and the listing automatically scrolls to the top and opens up. Click the listing again and it collapses closed.
Bird's Eye Imagery
Zoom down to our birds-eye view in one click –  imagery so close you can often read the signs in shop windows! Then with a click, you can view the building from 4 different angles!
Live Drag Search
Simply drag the map around to explore your world, BranchMap automatically updates your search results as you drag.
Live Checkboxes
When you change any network checkboxes or turn on the deposit-only filter, BranchMap automatically updates your results right away.
Multiple Map Views
Choose from a variety of views, including maps, satellite, birds eye, angled view, and more. BranchMap automatically switches to birds-eye photos when you are zoomed close enough.
Printable View
BranchMap gives an easy printable view of your map with the current results shown in a simple table. A great help for MSRs.
Detailed Tracking
BranchMap includes detailed usage data, available through a live 24/7 reporting interface. You can see not only how much BranchMap is being used, but specifically where people are trying to find you.
Homepage Search Box
BranchMap includes a zipcode and/or city/state search box feature for your home page at no additional charge. Put your convenience story right on your highest traffic page.

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