Mobile Web

BranchMap Mobile Edition supplies all the same branch and ATM information as the Web Edition, however it presents it in a strictly mobile-compatible, bandwidth-friendly, small screen designed format. BranchMap Mobile currently powers the mobile banking locators of some of the largest credit unions in the world including Navy Federal Credit Union, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, and hundreds of others.  BranchMap Mobile is designed to enable anyone with a mobile device (from a low cost cell phone on up to a smartphone or tablet device) to quickly find all of your locations while they are on the go.

All Your Locations & Networks
The user will simply enter their current location and BranchMap Mobile will show them a list of your nearest locations, including your Branches and ATMs, as well as any shared branch network locations and surcharge-free ATM networks you offer. Listings include all the important details such as name, address, phone numbers, distance, hours, features, and turn by turn driving directions to get there easily.  Results include map images, satellite images, zoom capability, and more – all in a mobile compatible format.

Because there are so many mobile phones and PDAs and web-enabled handheld devices out there, and since they all render mobile web content differently, we've put together a few simulated screeenshot demonstrations of what BranchMap Mobile will look like on a variety of different devices. Click a thumbnail to see the full sized simulated screens.





Built for the Real World
When you are trying to find a branch or an ATM, you want to find it now – on the highway, in a strange city, in the middle of the night, at a hotel on business. BranchMap Mobile lets your Members and Customers explore the country and always know where to find you, right in the palm of their hands. Your easy access and nationwide convenience will be available wherever they roam.  

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