How Does It Work?

Exploring Your Site
First, your site visitors are given clues as to where they can find game pieces hidden throughout the strategically chosen pages of your website.  They don't know exactly where the game pieces are, so they wander all around your deep linked pages on their search, greatly increasing site traffic, time on site, and most importantly product awareness.

Interaction and Targeted Messaging
When they find a game piece, they touch it with their mouse and it immediately responds with a subtle animation – 'coming to life' in response to member interaction.  At the same time, the game piece shows a relevant marketing message in an overlay screen.  These messages can give targeted marketing information about the products or services on that page, the history of the financial institution, the theme of the web hunt, or just about anything you'd like.

Progress and Victory
As players find each game piece, they are added to the personal game card for that individual player.  This virtual game card shows their progress through the game, visually indicting which items have been found.  The system encourages players to continue hunting around your site with progress messages, clues, and visuals.  Once the player has all the game pieces, they are given a congratulations message and they are automatically entered into the sweepstakes for a prize giveaway.

Social Networking
Integration into Facebook allows you to expand the power of CU Web Hunt so that members are required to "like" you on Facebook in order to finish the puzzle.  This builds your virtual word of mouth and extends your reach out to all the friends and family members of your players.

Duration and Marketing Support
A Web Hunt promotion can last for as long as you like, typically running from 30 to 90 days.  Some of our clients have released all game pieces and clues at once, and others have parceled them out – revealing just a couple game pieces per week to draw out the participation and impact.  In either case, Web Hunt works best when it is supported by multi-channel marketing efforts.  We have found pre-campaign marketing build up to be very effective at building buzz and increasing participation.  Periodic marketing email messages are also very effective at renewing interest in the contest and keeping activity levels high.  Code Green can help you with any or all of the marketing support.

Your Web Hunt is a great opportunity for member and community outreach.  Let your SEGs and the community know about it in advance.  Crow about your great prizes and show pictures of your excited winners.  Get everyone involved and let them know what a great time it was!  That way next time you'll get even more participation.

See some Web Hunt walk-throughs – Take a Screen Shot Tour  > > >