A CU Web Hunt campaign is a very interactive online scavenger hunt, in which players hunt all over the strategically selected pages of YOUR website and YOUR Facebook fan page in search of hidden animated interactive game pieces. 

  • When they find a game piece, they touch it with their mouse, and it comes to life.  It also shows a targeted marketing message relevant to that page.
  • When they click on a game piece, it is added to their personal virtual game card, which shows them which game pieces they have already found, and tracks their process through the contest.
  • Once they've found all the game pieces, they are automatically entered into a prize drawing

The Possible Results:

  • Massive increases in website traffic, time-on-site, deep link page views, product exposure, and brand awareness
  • Increases in new member acquisition rates
  • Increases in loan business
  • Increases in e-services enrollment
  • Increases in Facebook "likes"
  • Buzz, a greater sense of community, fun

Many credit unions and banks have had great success using our award-winning Web Hunt marketing system.  Web Hunt has won many awards including CUNA Diamond Awards, CUES Golden Mirror Awards, TWO CU Journal Best Practices Awards (2008 and 2011), and the NAFCU Best Promotional Campaign – 2010 Marketing Awards.   The system continues to evolve and to exceed expectations year after year.

A Web Hunt is a great tool to increase exposure for website redesigns, re-branding and mergers, anniversaries, big loan sales, and basically anything you'd like to promote online.  It motivates site visitors to explore all around your website in search of interactive game pieces while displaying their progress on their own personal game card.  Along the way they are exposed to all of your great rates and services as well as your brand and deeper site features.

CU Web Hunt can also gathers email addresses, encourage enrollment in e-services, and educate visitors in a fun engaging way.

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