Apple FCU Go Green Web Hunt

CUNA Marketing Diamond Award Winner

1. Icon Placement – Icons, in this case an eye-catching animated version of the Apple Logo, were strategically placed on various pages of the website.

1a. Eco-Friendly "Go Green" Factoids – With each icon found, a thematic informative "factoid" would appear – promoting the Apple Federal Go Green environmental campaign.

2. Promotional Page/Prize Descriptions – Putting attractive prizes behind the game and "selling" them is a powerful way to drive traffic.

3. Registration Page – When a viewer clicks on one of the icons, they may login or register to begin playing.


4. Game Console – Once registered, the viewer can begin playing the game. Whenever the viewer finds another apple icon, another 'green apple' ripens on the tree and has been "found" on the game console.


5. Hints Page – Throughout the hunt, Members may consult the 'hints page' which uses clever wording to guide the players to the strategic pages containing the Go Green Web Hunt icons.