You are lucky if potential members even know what a credit union is.  Then you throw in SEGs, community charters, financially underserved areas, census tracts, and more.  Its no wonder people get confused!

Membership Eligibilty tools for Credit Unions

What is it?
MemberCheck is a powerful New Member Marketing and information tool that is displayed inside your website and puts all of your Membership eligibility information into one easy-to-understand tool, with a slick, intuitive, tabbed user interface.Membership Marketing for Credit Unions

Basic features:  (Click each thumbnail to see detailed view of that feature)

Underserved Areas for Credit Unions Instant census tract address lookups
no more confusing census tract maps or vague descriptions for those underserved areas, or even zipcode-based eligiblity.
SEG marketing for Credit Unions Alphabetic SEG listing with keyword search
helps visitors sort though all those eligible groups, search for their group name, or jump around alphabetically.
Eligibility tools for marketing Credit Union membership 'Contact me' 
allows the potential member to send a question directly to an MSR for help and clear up any remaining confusion.
Field of Membership tools for Credit Unions Field of membership
an brief overview of the organization and all the ways a visitor might join your credit union.