Census Tract Lookup

Adding Financially Underserved Areas into your Field of Membership is a great way to fulfill the credit union promise while expanding your membership.  However, you are probably going to have a lot of trouble communicating where the eligible locations are for potential Members.

The Problem:
In reality, nobody knows their census tract number.  Trying to describing the location is confusing at best.  The best you can do is try to painstakingly piece together some map images and text descriptions.  Or, even better you can send potential Members off to the FFIEC website to figure out what census tract number, county code, and state code they fall under to compare it to a list of numbers on your website.  A marketer's worst case scenario!

The Solution:
MemberCheck lets visitors (and MSRs) simply enter any address, and instantly check if that location is eligible or not!

Underserved Areas and Instant Address Lookup Highlights:

  • Instant Address Lookup
  • Checks Census Tract
  • Checks Zipcode
  • Same Data as FFIEC website
  • Multiple Lookups Encouraged