Centralized Rates Marketing / Management System

Ratecast was designed to help market your financial products, grow your loan portfolio, greatly expand your marketing reach, while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing expenses.  It isn't easy to explain in a sentence or two, so we "crafted" this fun little 2-minute video to do the job:

Ratecast includes 4 main functions:

1) Rate Manager
First, Ratecast is an RMS or  "rates management system" similar to a CMS that allows simple and centralized management of all your great financial products, including rates, disclosures and fees.

2) Marketing Manager
Next, Ratecast is a product-focused Marketing Manager that gives you a library of engaging displays, marketing tools, calculators, and more for use in your website and beyond.

3) Comparison Data
Through a partnership with RateWatch, we provide key competitive data across many lending and deposit products, including national and state averages as well as individually selected competitors chosen by you.

4) Programming "Broadcast" APIs
Finally, Ratecast provides an open API, programming libraries, and easy output tags that allow you to "broadcast" all your rates and information out to just about any marketing channel you can imagine.