Programming APIs

Ratecast includes several ways that you can "broadcast" your rates, fees, and disclosures information out in real time to just about any electronic channel you can imagine.

Single Value API
This API provides a fast and easy way to integrate individual elements from your Ratecast data into most any electronic channel: text content, animations, Flash banners, newsletters.   With simple cut-and-paste integration, this allows you to really extend your Ratecast data without requiring any technical skills.

The integration process is simple – every element in Ratecast Rates Manager is enhanced with a rollover display that shows you the Single Value API tag you need for that piece of data.  You simply copy and paste that tag into your HTML source, or your Flash parameters, or your blog content, or whatever, and it will print the latest value of that particular data point directly into your content.  Next time you update your Ratecast data, that data element will automatically update without requiring you to make any changes to the output site!

The next two approaches are geared for more technical staff for deeper software-level integration.

Programming Libraries
For more involved integrations, server-side integrations, mobile app data feeds, Facebook apps, and more, you will likely use our Programming Libraries.  These allow direct access to Ratecast data inside your server software.

Direct Data Access
All Ratecast data can also be accessed as a direct server-side data output in XML, JSON, PHP, HTML, and other formats.  Selective or full dumps are ready to be integrated into your site/app/process/whatever.