Email Marketing

Email Marketing Taken Off Your To-Do List

Are you reaching out to your Members and Customers using email? Code Green provides full-service email marketing for financial institutions ranging from small groups all the way up to multi-billion dollar financial institutions.
If you are ready to take your online communications to the next level, without doing the work, we can help…

Click on the thumbnails below for larger screenshots of some of our past email campaigns:

"White Glove" Service – we do it for you

There are plenty of extremely cheap Do-It-Yourself email services out there.  If you have the time, staff, expertise, and willingness to do it yourself this is sometimes a good solution.  However, if you want to come up with the message copy and hand it off to an expert email team that will get it done for you very thoroughly and quickly, let Code Green handle your email marketing for you. 

We are frequently called by our credit unions at 4pm in a panic saying "I'm so sorry, but we have to get this message out to all of our members tonight, can you do it!?" The answer is always "No problem! Send us the copy and we'll get you a comp right away."  By the time the dust settles, the email campaign is designed, built, proofed, tested, approved, delivered to the members with great deliverability numbers, and tracked to see what the performance was.

That is what we mean by "white glove" – we do almost everything for you so that you can focus on doing what you do best.  We are always fast, thorough and responsive (especially when you are facing an all-too-common crisis!) and we work with you to get it right and get it out to the members.  Let's see a bargain email tool compete with that level of service.

Email Support Services include:

List Management

  • Lists are cleaned, merged, purged, and scanned for formatting or delivery issues.
  • Target your messaging – give us as many segmented audience groups as you like for targeted sends and individual tracking.
  • We automatically de-dupe your lists, and check them against all opt-outs for the history of the relationship.
  • Our opt-out service automatically handles opt-outs for you and makes sure they're taken care of instantly and permanently. Spam law compliance is taken care of!

Campaign Design, Creation and Sending

  • No need to get buried with technical details, design details, and Spam law compliance issues – we take care of all that for you.
  • We design HTML email templates for you to present a consistent look and feel for your messaging.
  • … or we can convert your print campaign creatives into email-compatible formats for cross-channel consistency
  • Personalize your emails with names and other personalization data
  • Your servers won't be "bogged down" from your email sends – all the work happens on our infrastructure.

Response Tracking

  • For every email you send, you'll know when it was delivered, who opened it, who clicked, what link they clicked on, and more.
  • You'll know what bounced back and why, when it happened, and whether it was of the soft of hard variety.
  • You'll also know who opted out, and you won't have to worry about accidentally sending to them again: we make sure every opt out is instant and permanent, even if you import that person into your audience later.
  • We store the results of every campaign you send, as long as you want to keep it.